Flu Vaccine

Influenza season runs from November to April each Winter. The flu vaccine is available in the surgery from late September / early October. It is best to be vaccinated early to reduce your risk of contracting flu. Please contact us to make an appointment for immunisation. The particular high-risk groups are outlined below. The vaccine is free of charge for Medical Card holders. Private patients are charged an administration fee of €25 (though in some flu seasons it is provided free of charge to all, depending on HSE funding and advice).


Eligible Groups

The vaccine is recommended for the following target groups:

  • All those aged over 50 years
  • All children aged 2-17 years (nasal vaccine)
  • Pregnant women (up to 6 wks post-natal)
  • Chronic illness (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, asthma, haemochromatosis, MS, etc)
  • Impaired immune system (e.g. from medication such as steroids, chemotherapy, missing / non-functioning spleen, or from immune-related diseases)
  • Persons with a body mass index (BMI) >40 kg/m2
  • Residents of nursing homes / residential institutions
  • Persons with frequent contact with water-fowl, pigs or poultry
  • Healthcare workers
  • Carers
  • Children >6 months old with chronic medical problems, impaired immunity, or on long-term aspirin therapy


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