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The internet is a great source of information about healthcare issues, but the data you get back from search engines is unfiltered, and it can be hard to identify which sites are reliable and properly resourced. A lot of what comes back is just opinion, rather than fact, and Googling symptoms (e.g. "headache", "pins and needles") is a sure-fire way to convince yourself that you have a serious illness!

Coronavirus - Covid-19:

In these unprecedented times it's easy to feel overwhelmed by information and we are being bombarded on social media with various messages, some accurate, some "fake news". Please take responsibility for your own behaviour and practice social distancing, cough etiquette, self-isolation and self-quarantine, as advised by Public Health and the HSE.

If you have any respiratory symptoms - even just a head cold or sore throat, it is critical that you self-isolate and seek advice. If anyone in your household has respiratory symptoms, everyone needs to restrict their movements until consultation with the GP, and follow their advice thereafter. Information on self-isolation and self-restriction can be found below, in the list of useful websites.

HSE Covid-19 homepage:

HSE advice on Self-Restriction and Self-Isolation:

Minding your Mental Health in the Coronavirus outbreak:

Travel Advice re Coronavirus:

HSELive Advice Phone Number: 1850 24 1850


The following are websites that we recommend as providing reliable, well-researched health information; however, we would advise you not to rely totally on your own internet research, and to always discuss your health concerns with your GP.

  • - excellent HSE website providing clear advice on how to manage minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throat, flu, gastroenteritis, etc.
  • - excellent, user-friendly site that provides evidence-based patient information on virtually all common diseases / symptoms / treatments (run by the NHS in the UK)
  • - excellent HSE site giving all the information you need about childhood and adult vaccinations
  • - all the information you need about the National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme, including information about what a smear test entails, what the results mean, going for a colposcopy, etc.
  • - this is a site for doctors so the language can be a bit technical in places, but if you enter the name of a medication and click on the "SPC" button, you will get a complete list of information about the drug, including interactions with other medications, side effects, whether it's safe to use in pregnancy, etc. (This is basically the same as the information sheet that comes in the box with your tablets)
  • - good website giving information about the vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis you may need if travelling; you should always discuss your travel plans with a travel medicine service at least 6-8 weeks before you leave (even if you have checked the website). Due to difficulty sourcing a reliable supple of vaccines, we are no longer providing travel medicine consultations in the surgery.
  • Mother and Baby: the following websites are all good resources
    • - Irish parenting website with useful information and discussion boards on a wide range of topics
    • - excellent HSE website providing practical information about how to breastfeed, local support groups, educational videos, etc.
    • - national parenting support group, providing a wide range of services including antenatal classes, support for postnatal depression, mother and toddler groups, parenting advice, etc
    • - sensible, useful advice for breastfeeding Mums
    • - contact details for accredited lactation consultants
  • - support and advice for anyone suffering from depression, or concerned about a family member / friend with symptoms of depression
  • - well-researched, reliable website for young people (aimed at 16-25 year olds), providing support and information on a wide range of issues including health, sexuality, education, etc.
  • - provides information on local services, HSE publications, medical cards, etc, but it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for

Please be advised that we do not take any responsibility for the content of these websites, or information that you may receive from them. We advise all patients to discuss their health concerns with their GP.

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